Its starting

Vancouver bay

Portra 400 35mm

Out on the dock with you killing time

Portra 400 35mm

Im stuck,

but I am about to start moving

Really need help processing all this film

Quick works done inspired in Japan

Japan on film

slowly starting to develop all my film from my trip. This is my one roll of Portra 800 120 film

Japan Reading list

on my 2 and a half week trip ive been doing a lot of reading i have finished 8 books since my flight left and i have one last one to finish before i come back.



Second Foundation- Isaac Asimov

Norwegian wood- Haruki Murakami

The inferno- Dante Alighieri

Sputnik Sweetheart- Haruki Murakami

Murder in the Cathedral- TS Elliot

Life the Universe and everything- Douglas Adams

A to B the philosophy of Andy Warhol- Andy Warhol

Wild Sheep Chase- Haruki Murakami



Portrait of the artist as a young man- James Joyce

This is the fastest ive ever read in my life

They met at the station

Tokyo at midnight in the rain”

Theres a romantic notion that goes “you dont know a city until youve seen it in the rain,” and im hard pressed to believe this. Recently Tokyo has been hit by a hard rain. My residence in the heart of Shinjuku near the red light district. This is a normally bustling street with con artists and hookers lining the sidewalks trying to rope in tourists. During the rain however everything calms down. We still have our drunk business men, our con artist, and hookers, but it becomes more lowkey and relaxed. The neon signs reflects off the ground and reflections dance in puddles. Everyone is inside except for the few dingle bodies roaming the streets and alleys. This city doesnt sleep.

The best way to end a night like this for me was in a small 10 seat jazz bar owned by a one  armed man who didnt speak a lick of english. I shared a bottle of Sake with a good friend while we listen to Donald Bryd and Pepper Adams.

Tokyo is a great city with a great character, one that I will find myself in again.

When traveling read a book… or five

I leave for Japan in about 14 hours and i couldnt be more excited

The last time The Aquadolls played at the smell i got a few popular photos. I was looking forward to seeing them play this upcoming show, but i will be in Japan pursuing other artistic endeavors. Instead enjoy this never before seen interview from their last show at the smell in January.